Archive: March 2016

pool supplyI have an awesome pool lounger that I enjoy relaxing on the water with. This lounger is just what I need to get a nice tan and enjoy a few hours of complete tranquility. The lounger that I have is very comfortable and it pretty large so I have lots of space to get comfortable. I enjoy going out to my pool every chance that I get.

I live in the Seattle area where the summertime is a rare time of no rain and many sunny days. I look forward to these summer months all year long when I can finally enjoy my pool and my outdoor patio to the fullest. I make sure to stock up on plenty of pool supplies so that I can soak in as much sun as possible.


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pet supplyI love keeping my dog happy and vibrant by treating him to the best pet supplies. People underestimate how important it is to buy high quality products for your cute and cuddly one. There are lots of different pet supplies out there and I especially love buying fun toys for my dog. My dog is always full of energy and ready to play.

I got my dog a few years ago and I love the way that he always brings a smile to my face every day. I enjoy buying new treats for my dog and seeing the way that he lights up with each new treat and toy that he gets. I give my dog natural dog food and find him great chew toys that he can stay busy with. My pet supplies keep my dog ready for all kinds of adventures.


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