Archive: April 2016

action figuresMovies really have a big influence on what is advertised. My kid has really been into superhero figures, because of all the big superhero movies that have been coming out. So lately, he’s really liked Marvel and DC figures, like Antman and Spiderman. As a result, I want to surprise him with a couple more. I’m going to surprise him with a dynamic duo of epic proportions.

You see, no one can ever forget about Batman or Superman. They’re the most iconic superheroes around, in my opinion. So getting a two pack of action figures of the two of them sounds like a really great idea. The new movie is already out, so I’m sure my kid is familiar with them from the commercials and the trips to the store. It’s great that Batman and Superman continue to live on for newer generations, even though they’re from decades ago.

The pack of action figures looks really great. They’re big enough to be played with by any kid. They’re highly posable figures that are always ready for action. Maybe next time I’ll get my kid some baddies for Superman and Batman to fight, so he can save the world in his own way.

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musical instrumentMy parents always put an emphasis on my brother and I growing up to be well-rounded people. My brother and I spent our days going from activity to activity – be it sports, piano lessons, or something else. I didn’t necessarily enjoy being so busy all the time but I do appreciate having all of these skills now that I’m an adult.

 I took piano lessons as a kid and the piano lessons definitely helped teach me a lot of important skills. I learned how to play simple and more complex melodies and how to read sheet music. I practiced diligently every day and was able to improve my focus and concentration as I learned new music. Musical instruments play an important role in any kid’s development.


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quilting toolThere is so much fun to be had when quilting and so many bright and colorful quilts to make. I enjoy experimenting with different patterns and making quilts to give as unique gifts to all of the special people in my life. I have many different quilting tools that I use to make quilts with ease and efficiency.

I got into quilting a few years ago and have been hooked on it ever since. I make quilts of all sizes and varieties. I enjoy seeing the look on people’s faces when I give them their very own personalized quilt as a gift. My quilting tools are very handy in helping me make amazing designs on my quilts. I enjoy unleashing all of my creativity with quilting.


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