I finally got a new car after driving my old car for a really long time. I was driving the old car for almost twenty years and it is hard to believe that it lasted that long. I was long overdue for a new ride, as my old ride was the same one that I had been driving since high school. It was the only car that I had ever had. I loved the old car and I am really going to make some great memories with the new one.

A car is with you through your life’s journeys and it better be one that you will be enjoying again and again. My new ride is only a couple of years old and it had very low mileage when I got it, which is nice. I am planning on having this car for a really long time. I have already taken it to a trip to the Oregon coast and that was a great journey.

I have been excited to be shopping auto tools and equipment online to find the best ways to keep my car comfortable and ready for my commutes and my weekend trips alike. There are some great choices out there and I have been finding everything from some fun bumper stickers to some car seat back organizers. My ride is looking good on the inside and outside with the accessories.

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