It can seem like a big challenge to learn something new when it comes to doing some arts and crafts. I am the type of person who gets frustrated easily if I am not getting something right away. I enjoy doing a variety of arts and crafts and there is always a new one that I want to try out. I have been getting into crocheting lately with a great instructional DVD.

It is easy to teach myself how to do new things like crocheting when I can follow a DVD. I have been enjoying the step-by-step lessons that the crocheting DVD gives me. I can see every motion and get the instructor’s expertise every step of the way. This is a great way to learn for me, as I can follow along and learn as I go.

I learn best by doing and the DVD allows me to “do” while learning how to crochet. When I am doing something myself, I learn the fastest. I get to work on a project myself while following the DVD, plus I get to hear and see what I am supposed to do as well. I am working on making a mini purse along with the DVD and I can’t wait to be able to say that I did it all myself. Instructional movies and TV products are always a great way to learn.

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