quilting suppliesI have recently been working on making a quilt that I will be able to give to my first grandson once he is born. I plan to take my time working on each little piece of this quilt just so that it ends up looking incredible after I have done so much work on it. I know my daughter will be so excited to receive a quilt like this that she can use in her son’s room.

To make sure that I am able to produce a beautiful quilt, I did several practice squares before actually setting in and starting on new squares for the finished product. My home is filled with various quilting supplies including cutting mats and fabrics that I am using to create the different squares. I have just finished a few squares for now, but these squares look great.

I have been able to find so many different types of items that I can use to make my quilt more creative. I am trying to stay fairly basic on the whole, but I really love being able to change this quilt to add more items to it. I know that the quilt will look so cute when I finally finish working on it and it is completed.

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